AMT Lab – The Impact of Emerging Sustainable Practices in the Film Industry

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Research centre of Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Arts Management Program, the Arts Management & Technology Laboratory serves as an exchange, a catalyst for innovative ideas, and a conduit for knowledge circulating at the intersection of arts, management, and technology. In this article, the Arts Management & Technology Laboratory describes the film industry’s climate impact, introduces various pioneers in sustainable production, as well as films and television shows that are committed to this approach.

A few key figures


The percentage of material that was diverted from landfill through initiatives to properly manage waste and materials, which also reduced the overall carbon footprint of the project. (Disney, Call of the Wild, 2020)

$33 k

The dollar amount of costs the production saved by avoiding single-use plastic. (Disney, Call of the Wild, 2020)

1515 lb

The weight of food that did not go to waste thanks to a food donation policy implemented by the production. (Disney, Call of the Wild, 2020)

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